Corporate Decisions

Through our team we provide high quality services perfectly matched to the needs of every Client, individual or corporate. No matter the service required, we primarily focus on our Client’s interests and on how to protect those interest against all risks. Our understanding of Law and Economics, our experience, the multiple language speaking team, the various jurisdiction we operate in, our love and passion for our work, allows us to understand your needs better and to provide you the services you deserve.

We provide all kinds of legal advice on civil law with expertise on corporate law, banking and finance, intellectual property and trusts. The firm also accommodates litigation needs on judicial disputes with legal representation in the courts of Cyprus. Representation in other legal systems world-wide is also possible through associated law firms abroad.


Legal consulting for companies
- Incorporation and reorganization of companies, optimization of companies’ structures
- Companies’ liquidation
- Legal consulting
- Legal assistance in contracts
- Legal representation in court
- Trademarks and patents registration

Tax planning
- International Tax Strategy development
- Double Tax Treaties
- Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI)
- IP box regime

Registration and Administration of Companies in various jurisdictions
Registration and Administration of Companies in various jurisdictions
Provision of Nominee Services
Nominee service in companies is dedicated to provide confidentiality to UBO. It makes possible to avoid public access to the information about company’s Beneficial owner. In common practice, details of UBO are provided to service provider and bank, where company has bank account. Recently, some countries announced the introduction of a public registers of beneficial owners.

Nominee shareholder – person, who owns the company’s shares only on behalf of Beneficial owner and has no right to dispose or sell them. Nominee shareholder and BO are bound by trust and nominee shareholder is acting according to the instructions of BO.

Redomicilation of Companies
Redomicilation of CompaniesRedomicilation of Companies
Corporate bank accounts opening
Corporate account
- Assistance in choosing the appropriate bank, depending on company’s activity, turnover and jurisdiction
- Preliminary negotiations with the bank regarding bank account opening
- Assistance in preparation set of the documents and bank forms filling
- Organization of personal meeting with bank officers
- Accompanying client to the bank (provision of entrepreneur if necessary)
- Further communication with the bank in case of bank account maintenance

Setting up a Company office in Cyprus (substance)
Company substance in Cyprus
Substance - actual presence of the company in the country of registration (or other jurisdiction)

What makes company resident of particular country?

In case, company’s management and control are situated and performed in the country of incorporation, company is considered as resident of this country. Test for management and control is one of the main factors for Tax Authorities in many countries. If the mentioned test recognizes that management of the company is performed from particular country, the company is considered to be tax resident of this country.

Representation in the Courts
Representation in the Courts Representation in the Courts
Registration of Trademarks and Patents
Trademark registration
Trademark registration is carried out in accordance with the Madrid Agreement (1891) and the Madrid Protocol (1989). The system is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which is located in Geneva.

There are two ways to protect trademark in foreign countries:
1. To submit applications for trademark registration separately to the relevant authority of each country.
2. To submit international application (in English or French) under the Madrid Agreement and/or Madrid Protocol, indicating countries, where the trademark should be protected.

It is more efficient to use international application if trademark protection is required in many countries.
Trademark will be protected for 10 years from the date of registration. In 10 years trademark can be renewed on payment relevant levy.

Foundations and Trusts
Foundations and Trusts Foundations and Trusts