Our Team

The Leadership of our team has put the grounds for excellence. It is characterized by its love for education and knowledge as they individually hold academical qualifications in multiple fields. The high virtues and values are a major part of their personalities and they have managed to pass down their virtues to the whole team.
The continuous training, the post graduate studies and the gain of qualification are the right of each member our team and I&C Services stands by the ambitions and goals of its team.

Marina Mishenkina

Partner / Director / Lawyer

+357 25 028 410

Lawyer, trusted partner and knowledgeable adviser.
Marina has Master's degrees in Law and Economics and has been a member of the Moscow Bar Association for over 10 years.
Throughout her legal career she has practiced a combination of business and family law. Using her expertise and experience she builds her client's cases to obtaine the best results they could achieve.
Marina has extensive practical experience in tax and corporate law as well as substantial, special competence in incorporation, maintenance, tax consulting of companies in various jurisdictions. This experience and competence gave her the ability to deliver high-quality services efficiently.
Providing strategic leadership, she directs and oversees all aspects of our operations and administrative functions aiming to provide professional consultancy, support and decisions for your personal and business issues.

Anastasia Karavaieva

Business Operations Administrator

+357 25 028 410

Anastasia holds bachelor’s degree of arts in Hospitality Management. She gained an extensive knowledge working for multidisciplinary corporate services providers in Cyprus.
Having a hands-on-experience in client relationship management and business administration in various fields in Cyprus, USA and Ukraine, Anastasia is an excellent negotiator, relationship builder, and dynamic office manager. She is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian, and additionally has a good command of Greek and German languages.

Nikolas N. Daniilidis

Legal Advisor

+357 25 028 410

Valerios Daniilidis

Partner / Lawyer

+357 25 028 410

Partner, devoted litigator and experienced lawyer.
Valerios Daniilidis is fluent is Greek and Russian, holds a Law Degree and is a member of Cyprus Bar Association since 2012.
His communication skills combined with his devotion and attention to detail are some of the characteristics that allowed him to distinguish in his field of practice. His experience in various economical fields along with the ability to distinct hidden facts are some of his skills and key factors for providing excellent advice for any situation.
Though out the years Valerios represents our costumers’ interests before national Courts. His fields of expertise among other are family law, employment law and commercial law. Valerios is also a proud member of the City Council and Chairman of Sport and Youth Comity of Municipality of Nicosia, a position that as he says “allows him to dream bigger”.